AANEM Accredited LAB

Our EMG laboratories have received the "Accreditation with Exemplary Status" from the American Academy of Neuromuscular Disease and Electro-diagnostic Medicine (AANEM). We are proud to become the second EMG laboratory in Houston to receive such accreditation, following Houston Methodist Hospital downtown.

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The advanced care you & your doctor can count on.

Our highly specialized care is focused on the kinds of neurological problems that can cause you pain, keep you from your best quality of life and, sometimes, pose a serious threat to your health.
We care for people with the full spectrum of neuromuscular disorders, from relatively simple pinched or compressed nerves (like carpal tunnel syndrome or low back pain) to potentially dangerous neuromuscular diseases.

EMG & Neuromuscular Medicine

One of the most important services we offer is electrodiagnostic medicine. Electromyography (EMG) gives your doctor essential information about the health and function of your nerves and muscles. With fellowship training at Harvard University, Dr. Chu is one of the few physicians in the Houston area with special expertise in electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular medicine. Dr. Chu is triple-board certified in Neuromuscular Medicine, Neurology, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMG) and has performed more than 24,000 EMG studies since 1999. Many physicians and surgeons in Houston have trusted his service when they need clarification of diagnoses for surgery or workers compensation injury, or when they require a second-opinion for an undetermined differential diagnosis. He’s earned a reputation among doctors and patients alike for his precise, gentle approach and ability to get the most complete and accurate information available from this technique.

If you need an EMG, know that Dr. Chu and our team will make it as comfortable for you as possible. We’ll take the time to understand all your personal concerns and let you know exactly what to expect. In most cases, Dr. Chu will give you his initial findings from the test during your visit and provide your doctor with a timely full interpretation. If you need a full neuromuscular consultation, he’ll help you understand your condition and all the available treatment options. Making sure you’re informed and clear about the care you receive is an important part of our dedication to you.